a skin, a night

cá vou eu falar mais uma vez dos The National (não me levem a mal) para falar do dvd que sai amanhã, ainda por cima acompanhado de um EP como oferta...

"A Skin, A Night" é um filme sobre os The National de autoria do realizador francês Vincent Moon (o gajo dos "Takeaway shows (Concert a emporter)" da Blogotheque). Vai ser lançado em dvd pela Beggars Banquet amanhã, dia 20 de Maio, e é acompanhado como disse, de um cd bónus, "The Virginia EP".

O trailer pode ser visto aqui.

Descrição do dvd:
"What goes on in A Skin, A Night, though, is not the stuff of well-rehearsed insider history. Nor is it a series of rock'n'roll clichés. Nor is it specifically concerned with the making of The National's fourth full-length album, Boxer, even though much of it was filmed during sessions for that record at Peter Katis's Bridgeport, Connecticut studio. A Skin, A Night is less a movie about The National than a movie about how music is made today -- not with classic rock bravado, or debauched indulgence, but through novelistic attention to detail, a collective implosion of personality, and worried worried nights.

When the association between Vincent and The National began, he wasn't yet known as the auteur behind Le Blogotheque's Les Concerts A Emporter aka The Take Away Shows. It was well before his tenure as image maker for R.E.M and Arcade Fire. And The National had yet to become one of the most beloved of the current crop of independent rock band.

A Skin, A Night is a sixty-minute portrait of impressions, mutual affection, and intimate moments you'd never otherwise see. If The National's lyrics seem to take us inside the human condition, Vincent Moon's images take us outside, documenting the beauty of the sounds made by our human skin.

A Skin, A Night will be packaged with The Virginia EP, which contains 12 tracks of demos, live versions, radio sessions and b-sides."

Alinhamento do "The Virginia EP":
1) YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN, VIRGINIA (previously unreleased)
2) SANTA CLARA (UK b-side)
3) BLANK SLATE (UK b-side)
4) TALL SAINT (demo)
5) WITHOUT PERMISSION (unreleased cover)
7) REST OF YEARS (demo)
8) SLOW SHOW (demo)
9) LUCKY YOU (daytrotter session)
11) FAKE EMPIRE (live)
12) ABOUT TODAY (live)

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