Estou completamente rendido ao disco Colortone de Brian Grainger aka Milileu.

Música ambiente/electrónica a fazer lembrar e muito os Boards Of Canada. Companhia perfeita para as tardes solarengas que se têm feito sentir.

Fica aí a descrição do projecto pela mão do próprio:
"Hello there traveler! I'm Milieu, but you can call me Brian, and I make milky analog love music. I reside in northeast Cola, South Carolina with my beautiful wife Sophia, our dog Morgan and our five cats Sebastian, Basil, Cleo, Mimi and Cho Cho.

I've been fortunate enough to release my music with some really great labels, alongside some really talented folks. You may have seen my CDs around at Attacknine, Infraction Records, Boltfish Recordings, U-Cover, or EED, or you may have found my work for free online at various weblabels. I also help run a couple labels, Second Sun Recordings and Install.

I have much more music out under other monikers, as well as a few things I've self-released, available through my website. I am also involved in a number of collaborative projects, including Free Festival, which has a CD released on the Benbecula Records label, Flax Harmonade which is released at U-Cover, and VCV, my drone band with David Tagg. If you are interested in remixes, I will remix for free, according to these guidelines so just shoot me a line and ask.

That said, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. Stay warm and happy!

Pillow Whiter videoclip

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