pelo myspace... #1

Durante os próximos 5 dias vou dar aqui conta de algumas das bandas que mais atenção me despertaram nos últimos tempos pelo myspace. A maior parte delas são desconhecidas da maior parte das pessoas (outras nem por isso) assim como eram para mim até há pouco tempo, e têm um som que anda ali pelo lo-fi-post-punk-alternative-noise-rock... A lista é ainda grande, são 25, e para não chatear muito vou apresentá-las em blocos de 5.

l_81442bb422cb90a6fabef41e45a370a3.jpgTHE PINK NOISE

Electronic and organic drumming with keys with staccato punk guitar blasts--think the Residents played through a Big Muff. A double sider of deranged bedroom punk that shames the dozens of one-man-bands hunched over a Tascam trying to make a cheap knockoff of the original.

Origem: Montreal, Canada
Editora: Sacred Bones Record

l_a60653f505fc4657bb69fa91d05633dc.jpgTHE BITTERS

The Bitters are Ben Cook/Young Governor and Aerin Fogel, oily lotion and tanned croons out of an east-end astronomical underground society. Formed pissing on tigers and wintry road trips to elven hollows, maintained being/drinking bitter(s) about the average human lifestyle. More noises and melodies will appear shortly, in the meantime eat a lamb burger.

Origem: Toronto, Canada
Editora: Captured Tracks

34_ohsees.jpgTHEE OH SEES

They began as a way for John Dwyer (of Coachwhips, Pink and Brown, Landed, Yikes, Burmese, The Hospitals, etc.) to release his instrumental, experimental home recordings. However, over the course of several albums, it evolved into a full band.

Origem: San Francisco, USA
Editora: Kill Shaman


Wanting to explore their alternative folk side, bandmates Jeremy Earl and Christian DeRoeck from the Brooklyn indie rock outfit Meneguar gathered up some friends and went into the woods to play. Hence, the band Woods was born. After releasing a double cassette on Earl's Fuck It Tapes, At Rear House on Shrimper Records in early 2007.

Origem: Brooklyn, USA
Editora: Woodsist

ganglian-monster head roomCDcover.jpgGANGLIANS

Sacramento's Ganglians want an island somewhere where they can soak in the sun and prowl the canopy by night. It's not often that they do get out, but they can get down for that. Recording sometimes as one, sometimes as four it's a real game to figure out where the entity comes from and where it's going. First and foremost it's about uncertain pleasures. It's a bit like choose your own adventure. There's "codeine balladry"; a slightly upsetting tempo that is quickly flushed into an aural high, the next moment you're in the toy strewn abyss of the bedroom and then out to the tribal caves of the natives. The planets align and the sun beats down, palms tingling, and you are on the island they've built, the scenery constantly shifting for a better view, of you.

Origem: Sacramento, USA
Editora: Woodsist

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  1. "algumas das bandas que mais atenção me despertaram nos últimos tempos"

    últimos tempos como quem diz meia hora?

  2. hahaha. algumas foi á volta disso, mais coisa menos coisa... mas também algumas existem há pouco mais tempo do que meia-hora menina monique caganique XD