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Grown on a field, raised by grass and old leaves, taught by ants and rain. Subsisting on loose dirt, worms, and fine-tasting roots. Given gifts of wind-blown seeds, sung to at night by creaky trees and warm stars. Held tight by snow drifts, held in empty arms. Thoughts without language, a smell that sweet stings, breath like discs of grey light.

Origem: Philadelphia, USA
Editora: Chimney Sweep Records

fungi.jpgFUNGI GIRLS

14 and 15 year old guys from rural Texas (read: suburbs of Dallas) making washed-out guitar pop. I didn't know they were quite that young until looking them up, but the initial pleasure in this music definitely grows when attached with bullshit notions of the immediacy of youth, fuck-it Garage Band production values, etc. Only time will tell if this is a wrinkle in the diy continuum, never to be heard from again, or if they'll be opening for Vivian Girl's stadium tours in ten years, or Wavves next week.

Origem: Texas, USA
Editora: Play Pinball! Records


THIS IS PRETTY UNDERGROUND! So damn underground they don't even have a biography around!! They are formed by David Beau and Jeff Aaron and they sound like an orgasm on a National Geographic chimpazee documentary.

Origem: Omaha, USA
Editora: Top Shelf Tapes

capgun.jpgCAPGUN COUP.

The members of Capgun Coup, Sam Martin, Greg Elsasser, Eric Ohlsson and Andy Matz, are not the most well-versed students of rock music, and so their debut album, Nebraskafish, demonstrates a refined sonic schizophrenia.The story starts three years ago in suburban Omaha, Nebraska, where Elsasser and Martin began playing music together. Mutual boredom and an interest in avant noise would fuel the duo's early collaborations, but after a move downtown and after the addition of two members (Matz on bass and Ohlsson on drums), Capgun Coup became less interested in white noise, and completely enamored with pop.

Origem: Omaha, USA
Editora: Team Love


Noah's Ark Was A Spaceship is a band from Omaha, Nebraska formed in 2004 by good friends Andrew Gustafson and John Svatos. The band has undergone several lineup changes and has settled on drummer Rob Webster in 2007. Influenced by late 80's and early 90's alternative rock the band combines noisy guitars, fuzzed out bass and hard hitting drums in a simple songwriting fashion.

Origem: Omaha, USA
Editora: Slumber Party Records

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