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Shit-pop from the land of the mighty Brimstone Howl, which shows that even the corn belt isn't immune to the influence of the mighty Shitgaze. Firstly, this tape was dubbed really shittily, so I hate to give a review based on what may be an inferior representation of what a band is capable of. I went to their Myspace page (gag) and checked the same songs out there and they sounded a million times better. As I've said elsewhere on this page, even tapes require some care...take some time to make them sound good kids. So uh, even though I said the songs sound a million times better, that still don't mean I like it all. At their best, Yuppies sound like a bunch of kids who don't give a fuck ramming out some slices of noisy shit-fi-pop accentuated with dippy keyboard sounds and blabbermouth vocals.

Origem: Omaha, USA
Editora: Dutch Hall Records


Their live sets are notoriously inconsistent and the audience is always in for something they haven't experienced before, no matter how many times they may have seen them

Origem: Brooklyn, USA
Editora: Savage Quality Recordings


when all the sober neons apologize in waves of crashing silk, and the sun winks its left half at the skipping of tomorrow, you can hear tiny birds reciting all the symphonies they've ever loved in fragments on repeat. we wanna jam with those cats.

Origem: Columbus, USA
Editora: Siltbreeze

eat.jpgEAT SKULL

We here at Dusted came before you exactly one year ago and proffered the notion that the lo-fi garage-pop movement, then steadily gaining momentum, was a sound that "belonged to everyone and no one," and that Eat Skull's debut Sick to Death was an interesting case in context because of how they were seasoned enough to understand their place in history. Rather than getting swept up in the media's zeal for the rise of lo-fi, the band cursed the idea that any of these kids - from Times New Viking to Blank Dogs to Sic Alps - could remember the last time this exact calamity overcame the press. Eat Skull were a kind of self-knowing wink to those with enough of a memory to connect Crystal Stilts and the Crocodiles with Guided By Voices and early Royal Trux acts.

Origem: Portland, USA
Editora: Siltbreeze


Japandroids (aka JPNDRDS) is a two piece band from Vancouver, BC. This 'band' started in 2006 as a creative outlet for the post-teenage angst of Brian King and David Prowse. Originally intended to be a trio, the boys decided to forgo the logistical nightmare of having a 'lead singer' and do it themselves. As a consequence, Japandroids are 1 guitar, 1 set of drums, and 2 vocalizers. They call it garage rock. They don't care what you call it, as long as it's not minimal. Japandroids are maximal - a two piece band trying to sound like a five piece band. Supporting Japandroids gets you into Heaven - no questions asked. KISS OFF.

Origem: Vancouver, Canada
Editora: Woodsist

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