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PANDA BEAR em discurso directo para a Pedestrian, abordando o seu novo disco a solo no qual já está a trabalhar, o filme que os Animal Collective vão lançar, e de como é viver em Lisboa.

Has it been hard in Portugal, where English isn't the native language to get everything logistically right for you to make the solo album that you want to?
Yeah that's one of the biggest downsides of being here - a) I'm like a shy person and to learn the language has been really difficult and b) it's the blessing and the curse of the place that it's free, easy going and mellow. But at the same time if you need equipment you'll have to put in some work for that, to make it happen. Definitely on the equipment side of things if you want repairs or a specific piece of gear it's really hard to organize. That's been tricky, so I've learned to take what you see as what you get. You can't be too choosey about what you want to do.

Can you tell us about your movie? What is the title and when is it out?
We still haven't decided on a title, I'm thinking it should be out sometime mid next year. It's definitely done.

What titles have you speculated on?
I can't say, if I tell anyone that information I'll get spanked.

What is the vibe of the film?
It's really intense - it's dark. To me it's super dark. It's definitely a vibe that I feel like I'm not so close to, it's more of the other guys who are the horror movie guys.

So is it scary rather than trippy? It's hard to say, it's complicated. It's not a really obvious concrete sort of thing. Saying it's out there is selling it short. Let's just say it's intense.

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