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Matt Berninger, vocalista dos THE NATIONAL, concedeu uma entrevista à Under The Radar, onde fala do novo disco que a banda se encontra no momento a gravar. Na entrevista é avançada a data provável para a saída do disco a meio de Maio.

A entrevista pode ser lida na sua totalidade aqui.

"I'd be hard pressed to put a name to it, but each of your albums has had a different feeling. Is this something you go into the studio with, or is this something that emerges during the recording process?

Matt Berninger: The only thing we talk about when starting a new record is that we don't want to repeat ourselves. Everybody agrees on that, but it's usually the last thing we agree on. As rough sketches start to come together everyone has different visions of where they should go. We start having a lot of abstract debates and say things like "this one should be like the opposite of jazz" or "I want it to sound like a peacock underwater." Sometimes this nonsense helps.

How would you describe the feeling of this latest work?

We have about 15 ideas right now that keep mutating so it's hard to tell what the record will turn into. I'm pretty sure it's going to be the best thing we've ever done but I don't enough perspective on it right now to describe the feeling. One song has an underwater peacock vibe."

Fica ainda a recordação de "Apartment Story" do último disco da banda Boxer.

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