old forest (Q&A)

old forest

Os OLD FOREST são uma banda recente de Londres que me despertaram a atenção após ouvir o seu tema “Moe”. Contactei a banda para assim ficarmos a conhecer melhor este power-trio.

Who are Old Forest, and how did the band form?
Old forest are a power trio playing powerful ballads. We formed at the start of 2009, I think? We all met in secondary school which we only just finished from last week. We are all very fresh to the scene and are waiting for our dignity and innocence to be torn from deep inside of us by anyone willing to take it..

How would you describe your sound?
I guess whatever we do it always falls back to sounding grungey, probably because we smear everything we do in fuzz. We like playing playing long sludgey songs with face melting solos.

What’s some of the stuff that you’re currently listening to that’s been an inspiration?
We all listen to alot of music, I suppose bands that we all listen to and take influence from would be dinosaur jr, sebadoh, built to spill, melvins. You know that kind of thing?

Do you have any records so far? Will you release something soon?
We dont have any records at the moment. We would love to release some stuff but we are all kinda lazy. Im sure something will be released eventually.

If you could pick someone, dead or alive, for a dream collaboration, who would it be?
Billy Corgan, not only could we make a sweet record, but i could also ask what the fuck happened to him..

What was the last great concert you saw?
Dinosaur jr and built to spill in may after that show i just had two smoking holes wheres my eyes used to be.

interview w/ Tom, from Old Forest


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