persona la ave (Q & A)

personalaavePERSONA LA AVE é um projecto recente que nos chega de South Carolina, apostado em fazer-nos sonhar com a sua dance music. Para já conta com o EP Brothers Was Taken, mas promete novidades para breve. Fica a entrevista feita com ele.

Who are Persona La Ave, and how did the project start?
i started persona la ave as my solo project kinda deal at the start of 2010.
it was just another outlet for me to write and record songs. and since it was just me...i could pretty much do whatever i felt like doing with it. i love the freedom. but now there are more people involved with it. my best friend rachel from KISS KISS FANTASTIC....she has been helping me so much. she helps with lyrics and melodies and different parts in songs...she helps with the whole internet deal with getting the music out there for people to listen to. she is amazing.

How would you describe your sound?
well not sure...thats always one of the hardest questions to answer for a musician i feel like. but the music started out kind of like...dreamy dance music??? i guess?? but now its evolving into something else in a way. its pretty random id have to say. just whatever im listening to most at the time....or whatever has influenced me and rachel while we start recording....thats usually what the song will end up sounding most like.

What’s some of the stuff that you’re currently listening to that’s been an inspiration?
im listening to FLYING LOTUS as i answer this....his stuff is a big influence on me right now. hmmm....lots of different dance music...disco, dub, hip hop stuff. anything with a bangin beat for sure....
i listen to a lot of jazz soundin stuff....i love any song with a major seventh chord in it ha.
lotsssss of older music....whenever you feel like relaxing you should play some django reinhardt....nothing is better than guitar player EVER
and i download lots of bands that are on the blogs and really good friends with mat from COMA CINEMA...his music is perfect

How did Persona La Ave name come up? Are you into birds? Do you own any?
i used to call my music PERSON AND THE BIRD....thats actually what my blog on tumblr is called now. but i just put that name into a free online translator and pressed french...and it spit out persona la ave orr something...i think there was another word in there but i took it out...but yea i love birds...wish i was one....hahaha im a pretty big loser and i joke with my friends about how im  a WEREBIRD and i turn into a furry, feral bird on the full moon...

The EP Brothers Was Taken is your only release so far? Are you expecting to release something (maybe a LP) soon?
expecting to release a lot actually....i love staying busy. mat frrom COMA CINEMA...he started his own tape imma be puttin out something with him on that...SUMMER TIME IN HELL...check it out on tumblrrr.
got that....and some other tape stuff that is on the down lowwww a bit right now.

What was the last great concert you've seen?
i saw TORO Y MOI on my birthday...he is from the same state as me and ive been wanting to see him for a while. this was the first tour where he played with a rhythm section....drummer and bass player/guitar was so sick
he changed a few of his older songs...kinda made em more up beat ya know...played a lot of groovy stuff i havent heard yet guessin those songs will be on the new album...i hope...they sounded sick...but his whole set hade me smiling...whenever something awesome happens with music...the only thing i can do is laugh.

interview w/ Dyl from Persona La Ave

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