guards (q&a)


GUARDS é o projecto a solo de Richie James Follin. Tem para já um EP disponível para download gratuito no seu bandcamp.

Who are Guards, and how did the project start?
Guards is Richie James Follin at the moment...I tried to make an Os Mutantes record but got side tracked and the Guards ep is what came of it...

How would you describe your sound?
Alternative doom new wave power pop rock and roll.

What’s some of the stuff that you’re currently listening to that’s been an inspiration?
New records out that i like are tame impala, strange boys, buffalo killers, atlas sound, white arrows, spoon, black lips, delta spirit, spiritualized, tv on the radio, walkmen, mgmt, lcd soundsystem...old records out that i like are all the stones records, stooges records, captain beefheart, cramps, os mutantes, gun club, dion, misfits, ramones, neil young, remains, shangri-las, ronettes, wire, bowie, link wray, black flag, sabbath, steve cropper.

What was the last great concert you've seen?
Willie Nelson at Hollywood Bowl.

What's your favorite song of all time?
"Sleepwalk" by Santo & Johnny

[mp3] Guards – I See It Coming

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